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Kitchen Remodel: What Will You Do on Your Island?

An island is a hot commodity in the kitchen. It's versatile too! It can serve as valuable cabinet storage, a central hub for breakfast, or a great work surface. A kitchen ...
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Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel: How to Budget Effectively

A bathroom or kitchen remodel is a large endeavor to take on, and running out of money halfway through is the last thing you want to happen. Here are some tips ...
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Bathroom Remodel: Choosing a New Toilet

Choosing a new toilet
Maybe it’s not as glamorous as talking about bathroom tile or showerheads, but a quality toilet can make a big difference in your bathroom remodel. Fortunately, buyers have many options to ...
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Kitchen Remodel: Things to Consider When Replacing Faucets

Things to consider when replacing faucets
For every one hour spent in the living room, the average American spends 5.6 hours in the kitchen. So, it’s important to have faucets that fit your needs but also ...
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Drop in or Undermount Sink?

Drop-in vs. undermount sink
Okay, it’s time to figure out what kind of sink you want – Drop-In or Undermount? You stare blankly for a moment, trying to connect the names with what you’ve seen. ...
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Organize the Storage in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Organize the storage in your kitchen cabinets
Your kitchen cabinets can only hold so much. So, it’s important to maximize the amount of storage you use and make it easier to navigate. Here are some tips for getting ...
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Kitchen Tips: Water Damage Can Be a Kitchen Counter Killer

Kitchen counter water damage
Water can be an incredibly strong force. It carved out the Grand Canyon and, over time, water can erode even the strongest materials. But this erosion doesn’t only happen in nature ...
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Bathroom Remodel: Is a Tub to Shower Conversion Right for You?

Should I do a tub to shower conversion
Shower or bath? That’s the question. If you found your way here, you may be wondering, "Should I do a tub to shower conversion?" While it’s great to take the time ...
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Kitchen Design Bethlehem, PA

Kitchen Design
Kitchen Design and Remodeling in Bethlehem, PA The kitchen is the heart of the home -- which is why it's so important to create a space that fits your personality, ...
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Kitchen Design Easton, PA

Kitchen Design
Who Offers Kitchen Design in Easton Near Me? Easton Kitchen Designer The kitchen is the heart of the home in Easton, PA -- which is why it's so important to ...
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Signs You May Be Outgrowing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Signs you need new kitchen cabinets
Cabinets are an integral part of any functional kitchen. They hold the dishes we use everyday, glasses, dry goods, canned goods, and spices. They hold the spatula you use to grill ...
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Kitchen Advice: How to Take Care of Your Countertops

How to take care of kitchen countertops
Kitchen surfaces take a lot of abuse. They’re exposed to foods and chemicals on a daily basis, many of which are incredibly corrosive and can damage the surfaces permanently. If you're ...
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