9 Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms

9 big ideas for small bathrooms

9 Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms

There was a time when most bathrooms were simply functional. But, over the years, the bathroom has become a big selling point for a home. But expanding the footprint of your bathroom can get expensive. So, it makes sense to take a look at how you can improve it simply by making a few changes that will make it look more functional, maximize storage space, and captivate the eye. Here are 9 big ideas for small bathrooms.

9 big ideas for small bathrooms

9 Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Natural Light

Whether it’s putting in a window or a skylight, allowing natural light into the space can make it feel larger. Being able to see the outside, bring in airflow, and enjoy natural light will brighten up the space can make it seem larger and welcoming.

No Cabinets? No Problem

Adding a narrow shelf under the mirror and above the sink can provide a surprising amount of extra storage space and get items off of limited sink space.

You can even do the same thing in other areas of the bathroom, adding in two or three narrow shelves in succession to hold lighter items. Using small baskets to contain things can bring a touch of color and style to the bathroom.

Lighten Up

Painting to a lighter color – maybe an all white approach – can make the space look larger. And consider using a lighter color flooring as well that compliments the walls. Include your shower curtain in the mix and keep the lighter colors consistent.

Mirror in the Bathroom

Adding or bringing your mirror up to date can help expand the feel of the space. Or consider multiple mirrors that can help reflect light and add a nice element of design with an interesting frame. Try an oval to shake things up if you need a change.

Bathroom Flooring

Smaller patterns can make the floor space appear larger. And you can even consider running the same pattern into a shower to give the feeling of continuity and flow.

Rounded Countertops

News flash – a bathroom countertop doesn’t have to be a square or rectangle. Softening the surface area with a rounded corner can be a great way to add interest to the space – and keep you from banging into it if you’ve got a small area in which to maneuver.

Open Up the Shower

Being able to see into the shower can make the space look larger. Whether it’s left open or you use simple glass doors, the shower will suddenly feel like it’s part of the entire room and help open up the space rather than segment it.

Consider a Sliding Door

Create something unique by ditching the traditional bathroom door with hinges and go with a sliding or pocket door. This can create a point of interest and offer you the chance to accent the space with a unique design touch.

Lose the Vanity

Maybe that large vanity is what’s giving the space a smaller feel. Installing a pedestal sink opens up the floor space and provides you with an opportunity to modernize that smaller bathroom in your home. Here is an article about picking the right bathroom sink.

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