Create A More Festive Bathroom For The Holidays

Create A More Festive Bathroom For The Holidays

Create A More Festive Bathroom For The Holidays

It’s holiday party season. So, you may be wondering how to create a more festive bathroom for the holidays. Huddled in with family friends for meals or parties means visitors will be using the bathroom. 

So why not take it up a notch and add a few touches that will catch your guests’ eyes and make it look a little more special? 

Here are some easy ideas for decorating your bathroom for those holiday gatherings.

Create A More Festive Bathroom For The Holidays

Create A More Festive Bathroom for the Holidays

1.    Add a Small Vase.

It’s always nice to bring a little bit of nature into the room. An interesting vase with a simple flower or evergreen adds life to the room and will be sure to catch the eye of your guests.


2.    Decorative, disposable hand towels.

It’s the season of colds, so why not keep your bathroom as germ-free as possible for guests. While it’s more economical and environmentally conscious to use cloth, your family and friends will appreciate that they can dry their hands on a disposable towel. Plus, it’s an easy way to add color in the room.


3.    Festive Shower Curtain.

Putting up a new, festive shower curtain to add a bold design stroke to the bathroom and it’s reasonably inexpensive.


4.    Decorations on the Curtain Rod.

If you have a shower curtain and rod, consider hanging some decorations or garland on it. It’s an easy way to bring a holiday touch to an unexpected area. Just avoid glass or secure them well.


5.    Change the Light Bulbs.

Swap out your normal bulbs for something soft and colorful. There are all kinds of blues, pinks, reds, and even some than change. A fun way to add a bit of flair and create a mood.


6.    LED Candle Lights.

Bring the warmth and comfort of accent lights into your bathroom without the worry. LED candles come in a wide variety of styles and colors. They last a long time and you’ll never have to worry about having an open flame in your home.


7.    Add Natural Scents.

For a subtle scent that’s natural, consider fresh flowers or even herbs. They won’t gather dust and are not too strong to overwhelm guests. You can also use natural oils ranging from citrus to vanilla.


8.    Pump Soaps & Festive Dispensers.

A soggy bar of soap is an unwelcome guest. Swap it out for a pump soap. You can also find festive containers for the holidays.


9.    Easy Access to Supplies.

Use decorative baskets or containers to hold additional supplies that might get depleted during a party. That way, guests don’t have to fish through cabinets to find toilet paper or tissue if something runs low.


10.  Mint Anyone?

Individually wrapped mints are a simple way to give guests a chance to freshen their breath during a party. They also make the bathroom smell nice.


11.  Get a Nicer Plunger Container.

Always good to have a plunger at the ready, but you don’t want it to stand out. Consider getting a container for it to keep a clean look.


Best wishes for a great holiday season from your friends at Agentis.


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