Kitchen Remodel: Get in the Zone

Kitchen zones

Kitchen Remodel: Get in the Zone

When planning a kitchen remodel, professionals talk a lot about “the work triangle.” This refers to the concept that – since the key activities in the kitchen revolve around the refrigerator, stove, and sink – these should be placed in the kitchen following the shape of a triangle. Essentially, the goal was to maximize space usage and create efficient traffic patterns for working smoothly in the kitchen. And it works great for most kitchens – especially those that were significantly smaller than today. While the concept of creating separate work areas within a space still holds up, with a larger kitchen, the idea has been expanded to creating “work zones.” Here are some kitchen zones for you to consider.

Kitchen zones

The Basic Work Zone in the Kitchen

A work zone is basically a particular area in the kitchen where a particular task takes place. Basic zones might include: areas for food preparation, cooking, and cleaning.

But with today’s larger kitchens that often expand into adjacent dining areas or include islands, zones can be even more specific.

Specialty Kitchen Zones

Baking Zone

Maybe your passion is baking – it makes sense to create a special area where kneading, rolling, and making dough can be done efficiently. That may include having a lower work surface, storage for ingredients, and specialty pans you use when you bake.

Wine Bar

For wine aficionados, creating a bar where you can keep specialty glasses, corkscrews, and closures can keep you from hindering traffic patterns during food preparation. Maybe you can tuck a dual-zone wine refrigerator underneath the bar to keep those special bottles at the perfect storage temperature.

In-Kitchen Dining

For in-kitchen dining, keeping an area on an island for family or guests lets them connected while you are preparing food or cleaning up. Equipping it with extra outlets for smart phones, tablets or laptops can also be a nice convenience.

Second Cook Top

Islands can be a great place to create new work zones. If you want to accommodate more cooks working at the same time, consider adding an additional stovetop – a primary spot for traditional gas burners and a smaller electric top for the island.

Additional Sink

And a second sink can help ease traffic in the kitchen. Maybe the primary sink is for cleaning up near the dishwasher and a second sink is for food prep on the island or another surface area in the kitchen.

Coffee Station

Creating a coffee station to house an espresso machine, French press, coffee grinder, measuring spoons, and bean containers can be enticing and functional. If it’s near the second sink or the water purifier, you’ve got everything you need close by.

Recycling and Composting Bins

With recycling becoming commonplace in most cities, having an under-sink bin that’s out of the way can keep your floor space open. For those that compost, having that bin near your food prep or clean up areas makes sense for vegetable peels and other food discards.

Kids’ Zone

Maybe you’ve got little ones that want to be near you while you’re in the kitchen. Set up an area where you can keep working but be close enough to help with homework or provide a snack.

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