Advantages Of A One-Stop Shop For A Kitchen Or Bath Remodel

One-stop shop for a kitchen or bath remodel

Advantages Of A One-Stop Shop For A Kitchen Or Bath Remodel

Remodeling your home can be a daunting endeavor. But at least there is a one-stop-shop for a kitchen or bath remodel. Agents Kitchen & Bath is here to handle all of your remodeling needs.

You may have the ideal vision in mind for the perfect room you want to create. Yet, executing it can be a challenge. You may be dealing with contractors, finding fixtures, scheduling, having unexpected project challenges, and staying within a budget.

One-stop shop for a kitchen or bath remodel

As a result, many homeowners end up disappointed with their remodel. It might be because it took too long, went over budget, or did not meet their expectations.

Unfortunately, the thought of facing these challenges often deters homeowners from creating a room they will enjoy every day and one that can even increase the value of their home.

But, what if it didn’t have to be this difficult?

What if achieving the home of your dreams could be a stress-free process where you had total control?

At Agentis, we provide a one-stop-shop for every aspect of your remodel to streamline the process.

Advantages of a One-Stop-Shop for a Kitchen or bath Remodel

When you work with Agentis, everything you need is under one roof. There is no need to go to one professional to handle the plan and budget, another to manage the work, and then also have to shuttle between showrooms to find the right fixtures, cabinets, or flooring.

The result can be spending a lot more time than you need to, rushed decisions, and – instead of having a single point of contact for everything – you end up working with several different people trying to coordinate schedules and appointments,

Because we can handle all the aspects of your remodel and are located in one location, you spend your time wisely – being able to sit down and take all the time you need to compare different options for every phase of your project.

How We Work

From the moment you submit your interest on our website and make the decision to come in, our experts will sit down and have an in-depth conversation about your project.

At the beginning of your remodel discussion, you will be paired with a design coordinator. They will work on your entire remodel throughout the whole process and will flesh out all of the specifics.

They work actively with an assigned project manager to order all of the exact materials and parts you need.

We handle the logistics and implementation and allow you to focus on the elements of your remodel that require your attention.

Craftsmen, Not Salesmen

Our employees are craftsmen and remodeling experts, not salesmen.

It is our top priority to build a great relationship with you to get you the best value on your project. We aren’t here to pitch things you don’t need, we’re here to find solutions for your remodeling project.

Once you decide on the right plan and materials for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, you will have a detailed quote for the project to avoid any surprises.

Detailed Costs and Guarantees

Because everything is sold under one roof, your remodeling costs are itemized and detailed on one bill for your project – eliminating confusion since everything is spelled out and transparent.

And the work is guaranteed.

This streamlined, simple process eliminates the need to handle multiple contracts with unaffiliated workers on your own.

We deal with each contractor individually, so you can focus on the aspects of your remodel that ensure you get exactly what you want.

Your Remodel. Guaranteed

While we do everything we can to ensure you are receiving the most quality remodel experience around, we offer a warranty for everything we sell.

Everything we sell you is kept in a detailed record, meaning if a replacement is ever needed, we can get you one very quickly and easily.

Considering a remodel? Start the conversation by sending us an email. The experts at Agentis are always ready to help you create the kitchen or bath of your dreams.