Bathroom Remodel: Choosing a New Toilet

Choosing a new toilet

Bathroom Remodel: Choosing a New Toilet

Maybe it’s not as glamorous as talking about bathroom tile or showerheads, but a quality toilet can make a big difference in your bathroom remodel. Fortunately, buyers have many options to get a great unit that suits all of their needs. Here are a few tips when you’re choosing a new toilet.

Choosing a new toilet

There are surprisingly many things to consider when buying a new toilet. 

Tips for Choosing a New Toilet

How large is the bathroom?

There are different shapes and sizes so you’ll need to make sure the toilet you are buying will fit the footprint of the bathroom. One important measurement is the distance between the floor drain and the wall – called the rough-in — to ensure your toilet will work in the space.

What shape should your toilet be?

Round bowls take up less room than elongated. But elongated tend to be more comfortable. So, consider your preference and make sure it will fit in the space.

Two Piece or One

Two-piece toilets are more traditional and tend to be more economical. If your priority is having a toilet that can be cleaned easily, you may want to consider a one-piece toilet. Some can also be wall-mounted, making it a breeze to clean your bathroom floor.

Efficiency and Power

Water is a valuable resource and can be expensive, so efficiency matters. But a strong flush is important. So you need to think about a model that does both. You can even get ratings for how the toilets rank in terms of the flushing performance.

If you are looking to save water, consider a high-efficiency model toilet. Toilets can use up to one third of your total household water use, and owning a high-efficiency unit can save up to four-thousand gallons of water per person every year on some occasions.

It’s also worth considering a pressure-assist toilet. Whereas most units are gravity toilets, a pressure assist toilet uses more pressure to remove more waste, allowing them to use less water but leaving you with a cleaner bowl.

Toilet Height

Most toilets rest at an elevation of about fifteen inches, but a taller toilet may be seventeen or nineteen inches off the ground. Older people, those with disabilities, and taller people will find these more comfortable and easier on the back and knees, but children and shorter people may find them a little too high off the ground.

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