Bathroom Remodel: Maximize Storage in a Cluttered Bathroom

Custom bathroom shelving

Bathroom Remodel: Maximize Storage in a Cluttered Bathroom

Are your bathroom drawers filled with so many items you have to empty them to find anything? Is your cabinet packed with everything from bags of cotton balls to toilet paper? Tired of getting out of the shower only to realize you need a clean towel? Most of the storage space in a bathroom comes under the sink in cabinets. If you want to increase bathroom storage, you can always consider wall cabinets.

Ideas to Help Increase Bathroom Storage

Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets are a great option if you’re working with a smaller space since they won’t take up valuable floor real estate. And wall cabinets are also perfect if you have a pedestal sink, which does not provide any under sink storage or countertop space.

Plus, wall cabinets can be installed in any area of the bathroom – so you can tailor them to fit items that make sense for that portion of the room.

Custom Shelving

Maybe you need shelves for towels and want them close to the shower. Or you’d like to put decorative items on a shelf to add a bit of color. Shelves can be adapted to fit any need, increase storage capacity, and keep floor space open. 

Custom bathroom shelving

A Vanity Niche

A vanity niche may be a perfect option to add storage space and make use of the space above the sink. These can also be a way to build in some style to your bathroom design.

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