Bathroom Remodel: Thinking About Bathroom Floors


Bathroom Remodel: Thinking About Bathroom Floors

What is the right material for your bathroom floor? Bathroom flooring has to be able to resist water, high humidity, and temperature fluctuations. Here are a few materials to consider for your floor when remodeling the bathroom floors.

Materials for Remodeling Bathroom Floors

Vinyl and Sheet flooring are an economical way to go and can be a good choice for children’s bathrooms to protect against those wild baths and excessive splashing.

Wood laminate can be an interesting choice as it is water resistant and can warm up the look of a bathroom.

Ceramic is a popular choice because it is resistant to water and offers a lot of choices in terms of creating interesting colors and patterns. It’s a classic look.

Porcelain is a less porous and denser than ceramic. It’s also stain resistant and great for withstanding the impact of water. It’s versatile in terms of design, and can even mimic more expensive surfaces like granite and limestone.

Stone surfaces offer a range of choices, are natural, durable and dramatic. Surfaces like slate, marble, limestone, travertine, and sandstone are just a few examples. The list is long and their attributes nuanced as they tend to fall on the higher end of the budget. (Interested in more bathroom remodel tips?)

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