Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)


Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

A kitchen remodel can feel overwhelming.

There are so many moving parts – creating the right plan, working within your budget, finding fixtures, and hiring reliable professionals to complete the job. Whether you’re considering a remodel and planning on tackling it yourself, here are several common kitchen remodeling mistakes and how to avoid them.

Common kitchen remodeling mistakes

Understanding the “Work Triangle”

The mistake

The work triangle is the idea that the sink, stove, and refrigerator should all be nearby, as they are the most-used fixtures in a kitchen.

Often, they are set up in a triangular pattern with the refrigerator and stove on one side, and the sink resting on an island or other portion of the kitchen counter nearby.

If you were to connect each of these, they should form a triangle.

Keeping them nearby maximizes efficiency in the kitchen. You don’t have to travel too far to carry out a majority of tasks in the kitchen. However, when separated through a poorly planned remodel, they can hinder kitchen productivity significantly.

How to avoid it

When altering the layout of your kitchen, keep the idea of the kitchen triangle at the center of everything else.

If you’re considering moving a sink, think about your traffic patterns and be sure to keep the triangle in mind. If you’re changing your kitchen in a significant way just because you’re tired of it, it may be worth comparing it to the cost of preserving the layout of your kitchen.

You can achieve dramatic functional and style changes by investing in new cabinets, an island, lighting, and storage rather than making major changes to a layout that works.

Kitchen Flooring Should Not Be An Afterthought

The mistake

Flooring can sometimes be overlooked when you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen but can play a big role in helping you achieve the look you want.

You can make big changes to cabinets or lighting and the whole remodel falls flat because you neglected to update or put much thought into your flooring options.

How to avoid it

The flooring brings all the elements of your kitchen together, but it should also fit your lifestyle. Think about how different floors wear, how easy they are to clean, and how they feel when you stand on them for long periods of time. The best way to avoid a mistake is to go visit a showroom and check out some of your options.

Too Many Trends

The mistake

It may be tempting to jump into all the latest trends when you’re remodeling your kitchen. But sometimes there’s a reason that certain design basics always seem to work.

So when considering something that falls on the more trendy side, think about how permanent a change it might be and if it can be easily changed should the trend fall out of style.

How to avoid it

This isn’t to say avoid trends. Some trends have the power to last because they are both functional and stylish. If you enjoy a design and are happy to commit to it, then go for it!

However, always keep in mind that moderation is key. Instead of committing completely to a trend, consider a contemporary design that uses elements of the trend within a classic design.

Not Setting or Staying within your Budget

The mistake

Never settling a budget for your remodel. With so many moving parts, it’s important to know the cost of both the materials and installation involved when remodeling your kitchen.

Especially if you’re doing it yourself, you need to know how long things will take and set some parameters. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an “endless remodel” that spirals out of control both in cost and extended deadlines.

How to avoid it

Once a budget is in place, respect it. If you think there will be “extras” that you will discover along the way, then budget for them so you can accommodate your good ideas or unexpected costs.

If you plan properly, stick to your budget, and leave room for those extras, you’ll have a much more enjoyable and successful remodel and get the kitchen you want.

Trying to Avoid Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes?

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