Create A Comfortable Guest Bathroom


Create A Comfortable Guest Bathroom

Whether you have weekend guests come to visit or enjoy hosting family from out of town, when you create a comfortable guest bathroom, it can make their stay memorable and comfortable. Here are a few things you can do to make that guest bathroom a memorable and comfortable place to be.

Create a comfortable guest bathroom

How to Create a Comfortable Guest Bathroom

Add plenty of storage

Ever heard anyone say there was too much storage space in the bathroom? We haven’t either. Your guests will appreciate the ability to unpack just like they’re at home.

The first step is to get un-cluttered. If that extra bathroom has become a storage unit – housing supplies for the other bathroom(s) in your home – it might be time to take inventory, throw old things away, and free up space for guests. And even for those times when nobody is visiting, you’ll appreciate having another working bathroom that is pleasing to the eye and organized.  

Now, let’s look at how much storage space you have. If you have a smaller bathroom, think tall. Shelving and taller, narrow cabinets can turn idle wall space into A-1 storage.

If you have the floor space, a small antique cabinet can turn a dull bathroom into a showpiece. Plus, it’s a great place to store those items like tissues, toilet paper, or linens. A modern storage ladder can add a touch of functionality and color.

Sometimes it’s a simple as putting up a traditional medicine cabinet to house smaller items that get used near the sink.

Open up counter space

A guest bathroom can be incredibly awkward to use if the countertop is cluttered with or very small. A fixed countertop generally can’t be expanded without serious remodel, but you can always clear off existing items to add space. If you have a vanity that isn’t attached to anything, you could consider purchasing a larger one for your bathroom. To learn more about vanities, check out our blog post here.

Towel racks

Who doesn’t appreciate strategically located towel racks or hooks? One by the shower or bath and one near the sink make a small bathroom feel much more functional. And it’s a cheap and easy addition. Towel racks also can be a great place for guests to hang a toiletry travel bag. If you have a larger shower, a hook inside the stall will provide yet another way for guests to keep a tower or washcloth nearby.

Heated floors

Live in a colder climate? Although heated floors are a bigger investment, they may be worth it – especially if you have older parents who like to stay with you. Letting them wake up to a warm bathroom in the morning will be sure to kick off their day with a smile.

Heated floors utilize warming pads located below tiling to heat the surface. You can regulate the temperature or set it on timers. And it can be heated through the electrical system in your home, or even using your water heater!

New Showerhead

Sometimes a simple addition can provide big benefits. Just changing out that old showerhead and putting in a more modern fixture can improve your bathroom. Installing a new shower head – with a handheld option – can be a great help to older relatives and the newer fixtures can even help you save money with powerful jets that are actually low-flow. They are cheap and easy to install to help you stay on a budget but still make improvements to that guest bathroom.

Want to undertake a bathroom remodel but don’t know where to start? Contact the experts at Agentis. We’re ready to help in every step of the journey.