Granite Alternatives: A Guide to Kitchen Countertops

Granite alternatives

Granite Alternatives: A Guide to Kitchen Countertops

While granite will always be a popular choice for countertops because of its durability and uniqueness, before you jump in with the rest of the crowd, consider some alternatives.

Granite alternatives

Granite Alternatives for Your Countertop

Engineered Quartz

Made up of approximately 90 percent or more of natural ground quartz, these countertops are manmade using a small percentage of resins and pigments.  These are durable and nonporous boasting the strength of quartz and the easy care and maintenance that makes it so popular in busy kitchens.

Wood Countertops

Warm-up your kitchen with the natural look of wood. Whether it’s a light, butcher-block style or a darker wood, this can be a great match for many kitchens bringing in natural material the uniqueness of grain variation. Wood will also absorb noise in the kitchen and create a softer feel. It’s an affordable surface that, with proper care, will serve you well for many years.

Go Green: Recycled Countertops

If eco-friendly at the top of your list, you may want to consider recycled products. Made from a variety of materials, you can add color and durability to your kitchen countertop. And the materials are practically endless including glass, porcelain, and paperstone. With a wide range of colors – from neutrals to cobalt or jade – you can really find almost anything you can imagine.


Maybe you just want to resurface an existing countertop to give it a new look and feel. Granicrete is versatile enough to replicate almost any type of surface – from granite to marble to all white. And, because it is essentially a seal, it won’t require resealing like granite.


Love the look of granite and the veining of marble? Then soapstone may be a good choice. It’s extremely durable, has a soft feel, and requires little maintenance. Other benefits are that it does not stain, and is extremely heat resistant. Soapstone is dense and nonporous so it doesn’t have to be sealed. Soapstone offers a variety of shades and veining. It is low maintenance (treat with mineral oil) and will darken gracefully and naturally over time.


While it can be expensive, many enjoy the drama of glass countertops and the fact that they do not stain. Heat and scratch resistant, glass countertops can be uniform or have embedded elements and texture. And think about the drama of lighting it. Interesting for a particular area of your kitchen as a highlight and to add a bit of flair.


More versatile than you might think, concrete can be customized to fit your look. It melds well with a wide range of design styles, and color options are plentiful. You can also put various design elements into it, providing an opportunity to create something unique. However, because it is porous, it’s susceptible to stains and requires periodic sealing to maintain it.


Often overlooked, tile is still a popular choice for countertops and backsplashes. With a wide range of styles – from handmade ceramics to neutrals and bold primary colors – you can create a variety of looks. It’s durable and easy to maintain. Whether it’s old-world or a more modern look you want, tile provides the versatility that makes it a classic countertop choice.

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