Kitchen Remodel: Choose Function over Form

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Kitchen Remodel: Choose Function over Form

During a remodel, we get excited about new fixtures and features we can add, but often lose sight of function. This is especially important in the kitchen, where efficiency is key and accessibility matters. Here are a few things to consider before a kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Planning Guide Header Image 1
Consider function over form.

Three Things to Consider before a Kitchen Remodel

Specialty appliances versus kitchen cabinet space

While it may be tempting to create space for luxury conveniences like a wine refrigerator, consider the opportunity cost before you design around it. 

  • Are you sacrificing valuable cabinet space?
  • How often will you use the specialty appliance?
  • How important is it in your day-to-day functioning?
  • Will your needs change?

These are good questions to ask before you create a specific space that’s really designed for one thing. 

Consider a kitchen island

An island can add a lot of functionality to your kitchen because it can serve you in several ways. 

With a kitchen island, you now have extra space to: 

  • Prepare food
  • Store dishes, food, and silverware
  • Create a secondary eating area
  • Entertain guests

Add electrical outlets

Adding electrical outlets in your kitchen can help you by providing: 

  • New places for using kitchen appliances
  • Opening up new food prep areas
  • Reducing kitchen traffic in congested work areas
  • Allowing you to prepare food, clean up, charge your devices, and stay connected.

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