Kitchen Remodel: Do My Sinks Need to Be Re-Caulked

Do my sinks need to be re-caulked

Kitchen Remodel: Do My Sinks Need to Be Re-Caulked

When your sink was first installed, it was neatly sealed with a line of caulk around it. It served two purposes – to help hold the unit in place and to prevent leaks along the seam of the installation. But over time, the caulk wears away, breaking a once tight seal. So, you may be wondering, “Do my sinks need to be re-caulked?”

Do my sinks need to be re-caulked

Does your sink look like this? 

Do My Sinks Need to be Re-Caulked?

The concept of caulking a sink is pretty simple. Caulking is used to seal two things together, in this case, the sink and the wall/countertop/pedestal it rests on. 

Before caulk can be applied, both areas where it will be applied must be cleaned thoroughly to ensure the sealed area isn’t loaded with grime. 

So, how do you decide when it is time to re-caulk a sink? 

The best indicator is water leaking. If the sink has shifted or eroded and isn’t aligned where it was when caulk was applied, then water will be able to leak through to what’s below – possibly damaging the floor or cabinets below band leaving permanent stains. 

Although doing the job yourself is relatively easy, it’s important to take the time to do it correctly so you create a tight seal and it is visually appealing. 

If the surface you apply the caulk to isn’t entirely clean, the caulk won’t seal. If the sink isn’t perfectly aligned when you seal it, it’s now stuck this way until you strip the new caulk layer and do it again. Having a maligned sink could also do damage to the countertop.

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