Kitchen Remodel: High Tech. Low Maintenance.


Kitchen Remodel: High Tech. Low Maintenance.

Smart technology is everywhere – including the kitchen. While a completely “space-age” kitchen sounds a bit overwhelming, we thought we’d take a look at some of the trends going on – ranging from smart kitchen technology to things you can do to make your kitchen easier to clean and maintain.

Kitchen technology

Great Kitchen Technology

Column Refrigerators

With column refrigerators, the freezer and refrigerator are separate units that can be installed in different locations. The refrigerator can be installed closer to the sink or counter space, while the less-frequently used freezer can be installed in a more remote part of the kitchen.

Column refrigerators can provide versatility in your kitchen. You can take advantage of smaller spaces that were too small for a traditional refrigerator but could certainly house a smaller and separate freezer.

This innovative design also allows you to build in storage space next to that appliance. Maybe glasses go near the refrigerator for convenient access to filtered water.

Smart Technology in the Kitchen

Technology has hit the kitchen full force, giving you more control over your appliances, as well as making life more convenient.

Smart refrigerators have a number of features designed for easy integration with your devices. They have cameras that can be synced to an app on your phone, allowing you to view the contents of your refrigerator when at the store.

Some have screens and use apps to help you create shopping lists, purchase food, coordinate schedules through a calendar system – even play movies and music. There are even refrigerators with apps that can work as “message centers” for your family.

Many modern appliances now have built in safety systems that lock oven doors when it gets too hot or automatically shut off if there is a problem.

Voice Activation

Imagine being able to turn on a task light when you’re chopping vegetables without having to stop what you are doing. Or you’re knee-deep in flour while baking and need bit more light. Or your hands are wet.

Our smartphones have been using voice-activated controls for many years to turn on music, open apps, and find recipes. And these can really come in handy in the kitchen.

If you don’t want to fill your home with smart appliances, you can consider getting a voice-controlled home assistant. Home assistants can give you up-to-date information on everything from weather and traffic conditions to controlling your home’s thermostat.

If adding comfort and convenience while having a low-maintenance kitchen is important to you, upgrading to ‘smart’ appliances or adding voice-activated capabilities to your home can have a big impact on your daily life.

Consider Quartz

Looking for an alternative to marble or granite?

You can have a natural, beautiful, and surprisingly customizable kitchen counter style with quartz. It’s versatile in terms of design too – offering a number of different colors and styles.

Quartz is more durable than granite or marble countertops and an excellent choice if you want a gorgeous, clean countertop style, with durable and low-maintenance material.

Get Rid of Kitchen Clutter

Neat and organized is in – and kitchen islands are a perfect way to expand.

A kitchen island can help de-clutter the kitchen and provide a place for family and friends to gather while you are preparing a meal.

The deep storage space they offer and the potential to put in a second sink or a pot-filler, make adding a kitchen island a versatile aspect of the modern kitchen. With in-cabinet lighting and glass doors, you can even turn it into a focal point of your kitchen.

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