Kitchen Remodel: Understanding Your Kitchen Traffic


Kitchen Remodel: Understanding Your Kitchen Traffic

When planning your kitchen remodel, always look toward the future. You’ll want to get good mileage out of your new kitchen, so it’s important to understand how it’s currently used – and how it may be used in the future. Here are some key questions to ask when remodeling your kitchen to make sure your investment will be functional for many years to come. It’s important to consider your kitchen traffic.

Your kitchen traffic

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen?

Thinking about Your Kitchen Traffic

How many people will be using the kitchen over the next several years?

A kitchen that is functional for a family of four will feel crowded if grandma moves in, or strangely empty when one of the kids goes off to college. 

Before remodeling, examine how the number of people in your household may change over the next few years. If you know people will move into the house in two years’ time, then plan to design a kitchen with the capacity for more people. 

How will your kitchen counter spaces be used?

  • Will people be eating breakfast at the counter?
  • How many people are cooking – or will soon be cooking — in the kitchen?
  • Do you like to store items you use frequently on the counters or do you prefer to keep it open and need additional cabinet space?

Analyzing how you utilize your space in the kitchen will help you decide if a new kitchen island is right for you – solving several of your space needs. 

An island may take up some real estate, but it can add multiple levels of functionality. Maybe it includes an additional sink, seating, and storage? 

What is the current – and future – flow of traffic in your kitchen?

  • How people are currently using the kitchen?
  • Are you all together for meals or is it a more independent, free-flowing place for preparing and eating meals?
  • Are multiple people trying to prepare food at the same time?
  • And are you working together or independently?

Answering these questions will help you determine what you need and how to best accommodate everyone. 

What are your priorities?

While we all want to create the perfect kitchen space for our families, it’s important to set priorities so you get what you want and stay within your budget. 

Understanding the flow of traffic in your kitchen is the first step. You want to make sure you allocate money for the most important aspects of your kitchen remodel. Then work your way down the list. 

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? 

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