Kitchen Remodel: Which Kitchen Style Is Right for You?

Kitchen Remodel: Which Kitchen Style Is Right for You?

Can you believe that a kitchen was once an afterthought in terms of design? While it was always an important room in terms of function, it is now considered a primary room with many uses – from prepping and cooking to gathering with family and friends. But which kitchen style is right for you?

The look and feel of your kitchen are important. That’s why one of the key questions we ask when helping you plan a kitchen remodel is what style do you like? To help, we’ve put together a few for you to consider—just to ignite your remodeling imagination.

Which Kitchen Style Is Right for You

Need Help Deciding Which Kitchen Style is Right for You?

Crisp and Clean Kitchen

Typically, a modern kitchen features sleek lines, open space, and a bit of contrast. Modern kitchens tend to feature solid materials, ranging from granite to corian and often showcasing natural colors.

Wood and Stone Kitchen

A wood and stone kitchen can bring together the warmth and charm of a mountain or desert resort with the luxury of a modern kitchen.

They seamlessly pair natural wood cabinetry with stone accents and surfaces creating a rustic charm with all the modern functionality and appliances that give your home an updated, modern feel.

Rich Woods Kitchen

The rich woods kitchen brings together different varieties of wood in an array of styles and colors. It isn’t uncommon to find white cabinets accented by polished oak wood countertops, with a colorful wall choice.

And the rich woods kitchen is a new take on an old idea, providing a cozy, yet clean feeling.

Touch of Color Kitchen

The touch of color kitchen is the perfect halfway point between the modern kitchen, rich woods kitchen, and the crisp and clean kitchen.

It utilizes polished granite countertops in a partial black-and-white color scheme, but contains wood cabinetry and some colorful pop, usually in the wall color. If a balance between old and new is what you’re looking for, the touch of color kitchen may be right for you.

Rustic Beauty Kitchen

If you enjoy classic charm with an antique-feel, the rustic beauty kitchen may be right for you. Traditional design elements like columns and wood ceiling beams can be paired with crafted wood cabinets and counters.

And attention to detail can be showcased in this kitchen design – showcasing beautiful natural grains in the wood on everything from cabinets to the islands. The rustic kitchen uses classic American charm to create a cozy antique vibe.

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