Kitchen Tips: Water Damage Can Be a Kitchen Counter Killer

Kitchen counter water damage

Kitchen Tips: Water Damage Can Be a Kitchen Counter Killer

Water can be an incredibly strong force. It carved out the Grand Canyon and, over time, water can erode even the strongest materials. But this erosion doesn’t only happen in nature – water could be wreaking havoc on your kitchen counters without you even knowing it. If you’re experiencing kitchen counter water damage, here are some possible causes.

Now, before you feel an urge to go and tear out your countertops, relax. Water damage happens over a long period of time, and if it is dealt with immediately there shouldn’t be any serious lasting effects.  

What can cause water damage to my kitchen countertops? 

Kitchen counter water damage

Make sure to always use coasters or placemats

Possible Causes of Kitchen Counter Water Damage

Leaky faucets

If you have a leaky water fixture such as an old faucet, it could be spilling onto your kitchen surfaces. If not dealt with, the dripping water can lead to erosion, especially on a tile surface. And if the damage is already done, your only choice may be to replace your kitchen counters. However, the leaky fixture should also be replaced as soon as possible. 


Another possible cause for damage is water accumulating on surfaces that is never cleaned up. You may not even be aware of it because it’s usually small amounts, but spills while cooking or filling measuring cups or pots and pans can leave small amounts of water in a variety of places. (Learn how to protect and take care of your countertops.)

Glasses that “sweat”

Glasses with iced drinks can leave water on surfaces if you’re not using coasters or placemats. Again, small amounts can add up to annoying stains and, over time, damage to your countertops. 

However these are all easily prevented by occasionally checking faucets for leaks and wiping up water from surfaces as part of your daily routine to keep your countertops in pristine shape.  

Thinking about replacing your countertops? Talk to the experts at Agentis about what solution is right for you.