Thinking about remodeling a bathroom? Think form and function


Thinking about remodeling a bathroom? Think form and function

A well-designed bathroom can turn a cramped, illogical room into one that not only looks great but refreshes and relaxes you. Check out these functional ideas when it comes to remodeling a bathroom.

Here are some starting points to think about before you jump into your remodel.

  1. Which bathroom are you remodeling?
    This generally dictates how a bathroom will be used functionally. The master bath will have more room and different storage requirements than a bathroom for children A half-bath off the main living area will be designed differently for potential use by your guests.
  2. How will this bathroom be used?
    If showering and bathing are primary, this will also dictate your fixtures. Whether it’s for the adults in the house or primarily used by kids will also impact your choices.
  3. Know your available options
    The world of design has now made a significant mark on what’s available for your bathroom. From frameless glass enclosures to integrated spa features, you can add elegance to your bathroom at almost any budget.

Want to talk bathroom remodeling and design?

We can handle every phase of your bathroom remodeling – and work within your budget to get you from design to a bathroom that relaxes and inspires. We’ve been serving the Lehigh Valley as a bathroom remodeler for over 60 years!