Three ideas to put the ‘fun’ in functional

Functional kitchen design

Three ideas to put the ‘fun’ in functional

When planning a kitchen remodel, it’s important to put in some fun features that will also make your kitchen more functional and organized. Keep reading to learn more about functional kitchen design.

Here are three ideas to take your kitchen remodel to the next level.

Functional Kitchen Design Ideas

Undercounter Trash, Recycling, or Composting Unit 

Functional kitchen design

Tired of looking at – or bumping into your trash, recycling, or composting bins? Open up floor space and house it under the counter or island. You can even have more than one to handle recycling, composting, and trash. Eliminates unnecessary steps or potential spills walking across the kitchen to dispose of something.  

Mobile Cutting Block

Although you can always place a cutting block on the kitchen counter, try opening up more space by having a mobile cutting block. This provides you with a versatile work area, frees up space, and comes in if you have several people preparing a meal at the same time.

Sink Control Pedals

If you’ve ever had your hands full but needed to turn the water on and off, you’ll understand how helpful pedals for your sink can be. When you want to turn on the water, simply press the pedal for hot or cold, depending on what you want.


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