Three Must-Have Features for Your Shower


Three Must-Have Features for Your Shower

Shower heads have improved and there are many new features that can enhance any shower experience. Here are three must-have features for your shower to consider.


Three Must-Have Features for Your Shower

Rainfall Setting

Imagine the pitter-patter of warm droplets of water – at any desired temperature – falling from your shower in the morning. Consider a showerhead with a  rainfall setting. They usually come with larger showerhead surfaces where the water is released to get more coverage, and release water to simulate rainfall.

Massage Technology

Certain specialty showerheads come with massaging technology, perfect for anyone who uses their routine shower as relaxation time. Many models offer different types of massages or options for massage settings to provide the optimal relaxation experience.

Full-Body Shower

A full-body shower is really more of a “shower wall.” With a full-body shower, nozzles line the wall and offer higher-pressure than standard showerheads. You can create a wide array of spray patterns from relaxation to massage, turn a simple shower into an extravagant way to wake up.


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