Three Ways To Make Your Bathroom Easier To Clean


Three Ways To Make Your Bathroom Easier To Clean

Statistics don’t lie. People hate cleaning bathrooms! According to a recent survey reported in the New York Post, 42% of Americans reported that cleaning the toilet was their most disliked chore. Part of the reason so many of us hate cleaning toilets (and bathrooms, for that matter) is that they can be difficult to clean. Often, fixtures and appliances are close together, making it hard to reach the spots where the grime collects the most. But here are three three ways to make your bathroom easier to clean.

  1. Embrace the minimalist mentality

One of the biggest reasons bathrooms are difficult to clean is due to clutter. We tend to store a lot in our bathrooms for convenience. However, this slows down the cleaning process because you have to sift through clutter just to get to the surface you want to clean. 

The best short-term fix for this is to condense the number of items stored in your bathroom. Keep fewer towels, and find better storage solutions for different items in your bathroom. Put things away, or get rid of unnecessary items. 

While cutting down on clutter will make cleaning easier, a minimalist design can include all touchpoints in your bathroom. 

While interesting angles for décor, cabinets, and fixtures can be aesthetically pleasing, they are prime spots for grime to build up if they are difficult to access and clean. 

Consider appliances and design touches that are simpler and don’t take up as much space in your bathroom. Often, the less space used, the fewer places grime can collect, making a bathroom easier to clean. 

By embracing a more minimalist design in the bathroom with fewer edges and touchpoints for grime to collect, you can make cleaning your bathroom a more pleasant experience. 

  1. Eliminate Hard-to-Reach Spots Behind the Toilet

Hard-to-reach spots are why so many people hate cleaning bathrooms. You have to get into an awkward position just to be able to clean these hidden areas. 

One of the biggest hurdles is the toilet. Most toilets jut out from the wall, and the space between the tank and the wall is prime real estate for grime and dust to collect. These areas are difficult to clean and can take a long time to deal with.

And, with the higher level of moisture in the bathroom from the sink and shower, it can be a breeding ground for mold. 

To make it easier to clean, consider installing a “wall face” toilet. These toilets are built to line all the way up against the wall, leaving no gap between the toilet and the wall in any spot. This design eliminates any hard-to-access spots behind the toilet, which can greatly speed up the bathroom cleaning process. 

  1. Rethink Bathroom Flooring

While dust and grime often get stuck behind toilets and in ridges in your bathroom, nowhere gets as dirty as the grout in between bathroom tiles.

Almost tile and various natural material floors are a popular choice for contemporary design, grout can be a detail that gets overlooked when cleaning. If tile is the right choice for your bathroom, but you want to cut down on the amount of grout you have to clean, consider a tile with a larger surface area. 

You can also consider one-piece flooring. With new materials and modern designs available, this may an alternative worth looking into if it fits the décor and style of your home. 

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