What Could Go Wrong? Your Path to a Successful Kitchen Remodel


What Could Go Wrong? Your Path to a Successful Kitchen Remodel

Your best friend is taking interior design classes and offered to draw up the plans. You’ve tackled home improvement projects before and are going to save money by doing some of the work yourself. You figure you’ll hire an electrician, master carpenter, or plumber to handle the bigger stuff. You have a ballpark budget, but it’s flexible enough in case you need a few extras. What could go wrong? Here is your path to a successful kitchen remodel.


Your Path to a Successful Kitchen Remodel

After planning, coordinating, and tackling hundreds of major remodels here in town, we’ve seen a lot of unfinished projects or problems that could have been avoided.

Here are a few tips based on our Kitchen Planner to help you think through your project before you start.

Identify Your Objectives

Why are you remodeling your kitchen? That’s the first question to ask and, although it sounds simple, too many people skip it and then end up unhappy that their project didn’t match their expectations.

Here are a few objectives to help you get started (and you can select more than one!).

  • Update the look of our kitchen
  • Improve our kitchen’s functionality
  • Increase the resale value of our home
  • Create more open space
  • Add storage
  • Update with the latest and best possible appliances
  • Open the kitchen to another room

What do You Want to Change?

Before you say “everything” take a look at specifics. And prioritize them. It’s unlikely you have an unlimited budget so you want to make sure the major changes get done.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…

  • Expand the eating area
  • Add or update an island
  • Modernize and expand cabinet storage
  • Add more electrical outlets
  • Replace fixtures

Determining Your Look

Finding the right style kitchen is part of the fun. You’ve probably seen it – either on home improvement shows, online, or in a magazine. But it’s helpful to think about the style of kitchen you want before you begin creating a plan.

What’s style kitchen are you after?

  • Is it modern with stainless steel appliances?
  • Clean and white
  • Farmhouse and rustic?
  • Wood and stone?

Once you find the right look, the rest of the pieces will begin to fall into place, creating a solid pathway to putting it all together with the right fixtures and surfaces.

Setting and Staying Within Your Budget

A kitchen remodel can have a big impact on any budget. But it’s important to be realistic and create one before you begin.

Understanding your priorities and where you will need to allocate the most dollars will help you build out your budget.

Here are some tips to help as you plan…

  • Changing the footprint of your kitchen is expensive. If it’s a high priority and will help you achieve your objectives, make sure you get an accurate and thorough bid on all materials and installation.
  • Changing your mind can be expensive – especially when it comes to fixtures that have been ordered and installed. Take the time you need to see the fixtures in a kitchen showroom to get the right products and compare them before you buy them.
  • Make sure you have a reliable team with references to ensure the work will be completed as promised. Skilled craftsmen are generally busy so it’s important to schedule and get a written commitment that will guarantee the work.

Considering a kitchen remodel? Let the experts at Agentis help guide your project to a successful finish!