Which Kitchen Sink is Right for You?

Which kitchen sink is right for you

Which Kitchen Sink is Right for You?

When remodeling your kitchen, the sink is always a top priority. It’s a centerpiece, the workhorse in your kitchen. When selecting your new sink, it’s good to know that there are two main types to consider: a drop-in sink or an undermount. Both have advantages, and it comes down to which one fits your needs best. But which kitchen sink is right for you?

Which kitchen sink is right for you

Drop-in vs. Undermount Sink?

Which Kitchen Sink is Right for You?

A drop-in sink gets its name from the fact that the unit simply “drops into” the space in the countertop. Metal clips, not visible from the outside, hold the sink in horizontally and the lip on the sink rests of top of the counter. 

Undermount sinks are installed from below the countertop. There is no lip visible from the outside as the rim on this sink sits beneath the counter. 

Counter Space

Undermount sinks hold the advantage here, with no outer lip covering the top of the counter, you will find more available space around the edge of the sink versus a drop-in unit. 

Ease of Cleaning

A drop-in unit may be the better choice because the gap between the sink and the countertop can be more difficult to clean. The undermount sink makes cleaning the easier, as there’s no lip where spills can get trapped between the sink and counter. 


If your goal is to increase home value for a sale, you may want to select an undermount sink, as it is associated with the more tailored, premium look of a designer kitchen. 

Your kitchen sink really comes down to personal preference and primary function. Both sinks have their advantages. If you value counter space and a premium look, an undermount may be suit you best. For ease of cleaning and staying within a budget, you may want to consider the drop-in sink.


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