Kitchen Remodel: Getting Your Priorities in Line

Kitchen design priorities

Kitchen Remodel: Getting Your Priorities in Line

Planning a kitchen remodel? This is your chance to increase storage and functionality.  So, to help you get organized, here are some key questions to ask during the planning stage regarding kitchen design priorities.

Kitchen design priorities

Our designers will help create a space in your Lehigh Valley home that suits your style, your functional needs, and your budget.

What are Your Kitchen Design Priorities?

Think about your kitchen as it is today. What’s on your wish list? 

  • More storage space?
  • Clearing countertops to create more work areas?
  • Restructuring the flow so you can function better on a daily basis?

 Can Your Household Accommodate Change?

Planning for future changes is a good way to add longevity to your kitchen remodel.

  • If you have children, they’ll use the kitchen more and more as they get older and begin preparing foods, charging devices, and eat with friends.
  • What about the elderly parents possibly moving in and sharing the space?
  • Will you be entertaining and want more room to have seating for guest at an island while you cook?

 Ergonomics and Convenience

Drawers, sliding shelves, or fixed shelves? 

  • Drawers in base cabinets are good for heavy items like cookware and dishes.  With drawers that pull out you can see and access everything.
  • Sliding shelves work well for lighter items and offer maximum visibility and ease of use.
  • Deep cabinets with standard shelves are sturdy for heavy items, can hold a lot, and are great for storing things that may not be used as frequently.

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