Find That Extra Space In Your Kitchen

Find that extra space in your kitchen

Find That Extra Space In Your Kitchen

Wondering how to find that extra space in your kitchen? With the shift in seasons and the fall holidays on the horizon, wouldn’t it be nice to have more open space in the kitchen? Here are 8 ideas for opening up counter and kitchen cabinet space that will turn your kitchen traffic jam into a free-flowing area to prep and share meals with family and friends.

Find that extra space in your kitchen

How to Find that Extra Space in Your Kitchen

Hanging Wall Space

Let’s not burden you with culling inventory, but instead, focus on how you can relieve the pressure-packed drawers in your kitchen.

What are candidates for hanging racks and hooks? Consider the backsplash, Maybe you’ve got a wall that’s beautifully tiled behind the stovetop or sink. That’s a great place to consider hanging non-flammable items like pots and pans or storing lids. 

Inside Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Swing open a cabinet or cupboard door and you’ve got a single or multi-rack storage space that hooks across the top and can hold multiple lightweight items. Consider spices above cooking prep areas or small cleaning-related items inside under-sink cabinet doors. 

Turn Deep Countertops into Can’t-Live-Without Storage

Countertop space that’s set back under upper cabinets is another hidden gem for storage. Whether it’s cookbooks for easy reference, measuring cups, condiments, spices, or storage containers – this space is often under-utilized and kept open for aesthetics. But it’s perfect for those items you need to access quickly when in the middle of prepping meals, cleaning up, or grabbing a quick snack. 

Window Wisdom

That window above the sink may be the perfect spot for rail or rack storage. With a wide span over the sink, you can hang lightweight pots and pans or cooking gadgets, or even lay in a small shelf that can hold glasses or a plant to brighten things up with the morning sun. 

What’s on the side of your island?

Rescue that “dead” space on the sides of your kitchen island by adding a small rack or hook. Perfect for handing that dishtowel, an oven mitt, or smaller items that you want to access while cooking. 

If Those Walls Could Store Things

Well, they can. Open wall space can be the perfect place to place hooks or a more spacious panel that can hang pots and pans for easy access while freeing up valuable under-cabinet space. 

Ceiling Storage

Drop down from the ceiling and you can turn open space into one of the most productive areas of your kitchen. Pots and pans over an island or a perfect place for low-hanging fruit – you can capitalize on the open space above your kitchen to get things out of cabinets and off of surfaces. 

This is Jarring

Glass jars lined up on a neat countertop can add interest while giving you great storage space. Pasta, beans, coffee – you name it – can be stored “above ground” and actually become a visually pleasing element in your kitchen. 

Whether you’re trying to maximize the space in your current kitchen or just trying to figure out how to make the most of your new space, the experts at Agentis have a batch of good ideas to help turn that kitchen from drab to fab. 

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