Bathroom Remodel: Why Convenience Matters

Bathroom Remodel: Why Convenience Matters

When remodeling a bathroom, we often focus on adding luxurious amenities but sometimes neglect convenience. Remember to consider function over form when planning your remodel. Here are some things to consider before a bathroom remodel.

Four Things to Consider before a Bathroom Remodel

1.The toilet paper holder is too far from the toilet. Although toilets are often placed against the wall, tucked between the sink and shower to save space, the downfall of this practice is that the toilet paper holder is out of reach for many people. The simple act of putting the toilet paper holder on a wall directly next to a toilet can prove to be very convenient. 

2.The towel rack is too far from the bathtub/shower. Location of your bathroom fixtures matters, especially when someone has to walk out of the warm shower into the freezing cold bathroom to grab a towel. Although it could hurt the aesthetic of the bathroom, a towel rack next to the shower adds loads of functionality. 

3.There isn’t enough counter space around the sink. Many of us use the space around the sink to store items we use frequently such as toothbrushes and cups, as well as larger items there is no room for anywhere else. Therefore it can be difficult to function with little counter space in the master bathroom.

4. Not enough bathroom storage. When it comes to personal items and items that you want to keep away from steam or out of sight, ample space under your sink or next to it can be a great thing. Planning for storage can make or break how you feel about your bathroom after a redesign. 

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